Bullying takes many forms: Name-calling, making negative comments on your work, making someone feel worthless, physical abuse are just some examples. We've compiled some coping strategies.
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Involve The Police

Any violence or physical assault should be reported to the Police.

If the bullying is homophobic or racist in nature, you can report it to the Police as a hate crime. Hate crime also covers harassment that is related to disability religion, ethnicity or transgender identity. Find out more about hate crimes on the True Vision website.

Come up with Good Coping Strategies

We all have different coping strategies. Some good ones are: taking up sports or martial arts (these are particularly empowering, and you learn to defend yourself as well), talking to people, expressing how you feel creatively (e.g. writing, music, drawing, making movies, etc.). All of these activities also raise your confidence and self-esteem – something that bullies try to damage or destroy.

Avoid Drugs & Alcohol as a Coping Strategy

There is research that links drugs and alcohol misuse to bullying as a coping strategy. Avoid using drugs or alcohol to cope with the bullying. It might make you forget or feel happier in the very short term (for the night), but the next day the bullying often seems a much bigger problem.

Know that It Gets Better

Bullying is a massive issue. Many people get bullied. Remember that the situation you’re in now won’t last forever. There will be a time that the bullying will stop.

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Avoid Becoming The Bully

There’s some research that shows that some people who have been bullied, later become bullies. Don’t let it happen; you’re better than that! Remember how it felt to be bullied. If you’re in a position to safely stand up to a bully that’s bullying someone else – do.

If you’re affected by bullying, please check out our resources page for further help and support.

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