Day: 13 October 2013

  • COLUMN | Fake Bake

    I’ve developed a new addiction. Tuesday nights see me glued to people making cakes on BBC2. I know it’s ridiculous and that The Great British Bake Off has been going for years but I’m a late adopter with most things. Technology is a prime example. I didn’t get a mobile phone till well into the […]

  • COMEDY REVIEW | In The Midst Of Crackers

    On a journey through debauchery; silliness and hypocrisy, Reginald D. Hunter explores themes of human nature and the intrinsic nuances which make up our cultural world. In, In The Midst of Crackers, Hunter takes a more introspective and confessional approach to respond to the controversies which have surrounded his work and, in particular, his choice […]

  • OPINION: Don’t Take It The Wrong Way: Homosexuality in Comedy

    In 1972, during an impromptu TV appearance with jazz singer George Melly, Monty Python star Graham Chapman, rather drunkenly, came out publicly as the first gay comedian in British history. This casual announcement caused no small amount of outrage – homosexuality had only been decriminalised three years previously and it was far from universally accepted. […]