Many couples enjoy the pleasure and intimacy of erotic massages as foreplay. As well as relaxing the recipient, a strong, explorative, erotic massage can also have real, noticeable benefits for the giver and for the couple as a whole. Want to give your lover some truly unforgettable bodywork?

Then read on.

Four reasons to start sex with a massage

• It strips away boundaries in a natural, unhurried way, building a real connection and singularity between both lovers.

• It brings the recipient’s senses to life, as they begin to react and respond to the touch of the masseuse.

• It gives the masseuse a better understanding of their lover’s pleasure zones, allowing them to see what they do and do not respond to. This will later inform love-making techniques, rhythms and positions.

• The recipient’s whole body loosens up, with different parts connecting in ways that are not always possible. This builds towards stronger, longer orgasms.

Five steps to the perfect erotic massage

• Before

It is vital that you create the best possible atmosphere for your love-making. Be sure you are in a

quiet space that will be yours and yours alone for at least two hours. Switch off all phones and

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minimise overhead light, using candles if possible. Incense and low music are also helpful additions.

• To begin

Ask your lover to lay face-down on the bed, table, couch or whatever comfortable platform you have setup for their massage. Check that they are relaxed and not strained in their position. Then place your hands on the centre of their back and feel their breathing pattern. Take a moment to acclimatise yours with theirs, until you are both breathing in and out at the same pace.

• Gentle touches and slow strokes

Your first strokes should be tender, using only your fingertips to allow your lover’s senses to know that pleasure is coming. Next, place some warmed massage oil on your hand and slowly rub it all over their body, from the top of their back to the heels of their feet. Tell your lover that they can move and express themselves however they like, to guide you and to give them a sense of both pleasure and mutual control.

• Rollover

When you have rubbed the oil sensually and slowly all over your lover, ask them to roll over. Now apply the oil to their front in the same measured strokes. Once they are fully relaxed, move your hands softly to their genitalia. Rub the oil around the outskirts of their sexual organ, teasing it into life, slow and sure, before moving in to the centre. Their arousal should be visible and audible, showing you when the time is right to move on to sex.

• After sex

When both lovers have climaxed, spoon together for a long moment, allowing your heartbeats and breathing to connect and synchronise once again. This will give a complete wholeness to your lovemaking.
An erotic massage is a powerful, beautiful and, most of all, pleasurable way to begin sex. Try this technique for yourself.

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by Guysway

This article was first published in July 2015.

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