What does BS mean on a Dating App
Decoding what BS means on a guy's profile

If you ever see the acronym “BS” on a guy’s profile, it’s probably contained in a sentence like: “Not into BS” or “No BS” and basically it just means “No Bullshit”

You’d think that being on a hookup or dating app would be simple right? I mean we’ve all downloaded the app for one of a few reasons, right? Surely we’re all on there to search for a date, sex or maybe just friends (Yeah, sure Jan)

Surely the need for BS – however it manifests just wouldn’t need to be a thing, but it is.

From Ghosting to Catfishing to picture collectors there are all manner of shitty and bullshit behaviours on dating apps – although it seems that some apps are a breeding ground for shitty behaviour.


So why not just cut to the chase, cancel the bullshit and say what you want…

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