How to help with premature ejaculation
Or the name of your partner...

This little trick is a stroke of genius and will help you with your staying power, according to one sexpert.

Premature Ejaculation affects lots of guys. Almost every guy has suffered at least one moment of “oh dammit” before spirting their load way before they actually wanted to.

However, there is a quick fix that requires no medicine, no trips to a doctor or psych evaluation. Nope, it’s something you can do, by yourself and nobody even has to know you’re doing it.

Sexpert and sex worker, Jack Devon, told us, “Despite what we see in porn, sex can be over pretty quickly and that’s completely normal… in fact, a study for the NHS, involving 500 couples showed that sex usually lasts around 5 and a half minutes, which is a long way off that 20-minute scene you’re enjoying on PornHub, but it can be incredibly annoying and frustrating, particularly for the guy that climaxes first, if they didn’t mean to…”

Spell out your name (or theirs)

So there’s a quick exercise to do before reaching out for medical intervention. Try spelling out your name.

Jack told us, “When you’re concentrating on something else, like spelling out your name even for a minute it can take you out of the moment and allow you to reset things, without stopping the action altogether. If you’ve only got a short name, try spelling out your entire name and then spell it backwards. Do this a few times until you feel your urge to climax subside.

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According to Pharmacist Phil Day even taking some deep breaths can help as it “briefly shuts down the ejaculatory reflex (an automatic reflex of the body during which ejaculation occurs)”

Cheap (actually it’s free)

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The best thing about this move is that it’s completely free to try, so you’ve nothing to lose by trying it out.

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Jack added, “Do it in your mind. Don’t actually speak it out loud, that’s not a great look, particularly if the guy is dirty talking to you and start spelling your name out loud.”

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