MOTORING REVIEW | Volkswagen T-Roc Design 1.5

MOTORING REVIEW | Volkswagen T-Roc Design 1.5

★★★★☆ | Volkswagen T-Roc Design

My Second Coming With The T-Roc

What Have We Got?

Volkswagen’s T-Roc was launched last year and TGUK were there to test some of the first in the country. This time we are giving the Design 1.5 TSi DSG automatic for a week and I reflect if it was fair of me to give it 3 stars.



I complained about the front wheels ‘tramping’ when pulling away from a junction and even with the DSG gearbox, it still does. The 1.5 EVO engine is a joy to have and responds quickly to all inputs from the throttle with no noticeable lag. Even the DSG box responds quickly. 

And this all helps to make the T-Roc a really nice place to be. The suspension comes with the usual set-ups of Eco to Sport while the ‘Individual’ setting allows you to select the best of the pre-sets to suit your requirements and this is always welcomed by me. 

The trick up T-Roc’s sleeve is the ability to select sport or manual in the gearbox very quickly. You are not left high and dry when you need to get a move on!

You do have to be careful though with the throttle pedal. From standstill in traffic, it can propel the T-Roc forward quickly and at neck breaking force. Once you get used to it, it’s not really a problem. It’s just not what you expect from a car that doesn’t wear a GTi badge.


It is as you would expect from Volkswagen and that is well screwed together and functional. The choices of trim on this ‘Design’ model are zesty with a nice touch of body colour on the dashboard and in the seat trims. 

I have only one real criticism here and it seems to be my usual moan about VW. The rear door cards are dull. On this model, the front doors are treated to colour coded inserts with neon illuminations. The rear passengers are again subjected to nothing but darkness. 

Living With It

From almost all angles, it is a good looking vehicle. It’s also very easy to live with. The boot is generous with a split level load floor though heavy items will cause an issue thanks to the high load sill because it is an SUV.

It’s also not really suitable as a 5 seater. The centre seat occupant has to contend with a big transmission tunnel and a raised seat cushion resulting in reduced headroom.

The Verdict

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I was wrong. It’s more than a 3-star car. It’s not perfect and there are a few things VW could do to make it even better. If it was my money that was paying for it, I’d pay it. The T-Roc proved to be comfortable, relaxing and fast enough when I needed it to be. 

I still find it difficult to accept that VW predicts the 1 litre to be the better seller. The 1.5 does it all so much better. It also comes with a host of goodies that you’d expect at this price and for that, I actually can’t complain. Much.



Good looks

Relaxed ride

Driver conveniences 


Front wheel tramping

Lack of illuminations for the rear passengers

Hard seat cushions

The Lowdown

Car –  Volkswagen T-Roc Design 1.5 TSI DSG 

Price – £29,690 (as tested)

MPG – 33.5 (combined)

Power – 150hp

0-62mph – 8.4 seconds

Top Speed –  127 mph

Co2 – 119 (g/km)

All photos (C) Stuart Bird