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People are more likely to do all these things first in front of partner before they share their Netflix account

Sex, passing gas – even going on holiday are more likely to happen before a partner decides to share their Netflix account!


New research shows it takes months and months before you reach the “the comfort zone” with a new partner.

A new study of 2,000 coupled up people found that the biggest signs you’ve entered the comfort zone are allowing your significant other to take care of you when you’re sick, not wearing make-up and not shaving your legs or face.

According to the research, it takes an average of seven months for couples to have their first talk about marriage/kids and about six months to introduce a significant other to their parents.

Milestones such as crying in front of your partner, as well as feeling comfortable enough to snore while sleeping next to your partner, also proved to be big tells that your relationship has reached that next level.

The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Firm, also revealed it takes nearly five months before they’re comfortable showering at the other’s place, nearly six months to get to the point where sitting in silence isn’t awkward and nearly seven months to feel comfortable using the bathroom with the door open.

Sex, passing gas, sharing a bed all come before Netflix!

Sharing shows like House Of Cards will have to wait until at least 7 months according to research! (C) NETFLIX

Surprisingly, the research also found that it takes eight months to share a Netflix account, which is, amusingly, three months longer than it takes the average couple to shower at their significant other’s house.

The results revealed that four in five people say they prefer to sleep in bed with their partner and it takes nearly five months before couples are comfortable doing so.

According to the results, conversation in the bedroom may be a lost art though as only 39 percent of couples say they engage in pillow talk after sex.

And despite annoying habits like snoring and fidgeting, more than half of the couples surveyed report their sleep quality actually improves when sleeping with their partner.


“If you snore, gravity is not your friend, but a slight elevation to your neck and head alleviates some of gravity’s pull and allows for a more open airway,” said Dr. Sujay Kansagra, pediatric neurologist and Mattress Firm sleep health consultant.

Still, most people are happier once the relationship hits the comfort zone as 65 percent of couples sleep in the same bed every night and 70 percent of respondents say they don’t miss sleeping alone.


“While it’s no surprise that more couples sleep better when in bed with their partner, a restful night’s sleep can be a challenge – especially if your partner snores like a freight train, like mine. With an adjustable base, I’m able to elevate his head and quiet his snoring, which has improved sleep quality for us both,” said Michelle Stokely, National Retail Merchandising Manager, Mattress Firm.

Top 10 things couples are most comfortable doing in front of each other

  1. Letting their partner see them/take care of them when they’re ill (73 percent/1,468)
  2. Not wearing make-up (63 percent/1,266)
  3. Crying (63 percent/1,252)
  4. Snoring in their sleep (60 percent/1,208)
  5. Showering at their place (59 percent/1,186)
  6. Leaving the door open while using the bathroom (56 percent/1,117)
  7. Not shaving (55 percent/1,103)
  8. Being naked around the house (55 percent/1,092)
  9. Sleeping in a hair wrap or bonnet (40 percent/804)
  10. Wearing a retainer to bed (34 percent/680)


How long into a relationship it takes on average to first experience things (shortest to longest)

  1. Sex (4 months and 17 days)
  2. Sleep in same bed (4 months and 21 days)
  3. Shower at the other’s place (4 months and 29 days)
  4. Cry in front of partner (5 months and 24 days)
  5. Sit in silence without it being awkward (5 months and 27 days)
  6. Talk about your/her period (6 months and 13 days)
  7. Be naked around the house (6 months and 18 days)
  8. Share a deep secret (6 months and 19 days)
  9. Let your partner take care/see you when you’re sick (6 months and 21 days)
  10. Use the bathroom with the door open (6 months and 24 days)
  11. Pass gas in front of partner (6 months and 25 days)
  12. Talk about marriage/kids (7 months and 1 day)
  13. Go on vacation together (7 months and 7 days)
  14. Share a password (7 months and 17 days)
  15. Share a Netflix/Hulu account (7 months and 24 days)


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