2019 Motoring New Years Honours List

2018 was quite a year for THEGAYUK motoring section. Two new contributors, Mark and Damien have joined and car choice from us, I hope, managed to whet your motoring appetites and curiosities. I think it is safe to say that 2019 will be an even bigger year so thanks for sticking with us.

And so to my top three with an extra and that extra is my “almost ran”. That accolade goes to the Volvo XC60 Momentum Pro. It really was a car that did everything and impressed, was a great place to navigate the world from and what’s more, it’s a Volvo. There are no pretensions to the brand. It is Volvo.

Now what I have noticed over the past years of doing my New Years Honours list is that this section seems to be the car that I would spend my own money on. So this is it, if it was my money, this is what I would buy. Well done Volvo.

And so to my top 3 for 2019

3) MG3.

This might come as a bit of a shock to you, considering I wasn’t overly kind and awarded the little hopeful only 2 stars.

I still stand by those two stars but only because of the engine. Take it outside of its comfort zone and it shows up as quite a rough unit with lacklustre performance. That said, use the MG3 with its 7-year warranty as a daily commute with a sporting look and in the stop-start traffic you’ll be stuck in, you’ll appreciate it as a device to keep you dry. And to be fair, it’s not an uncomfortable place to be in.

2) Range Rover Sport

This one shocked me. I wasn’t going to gush over the £75k Chelsea tractor but here it is, number two on my list. And why? Because it made you feel great. Land Rover has a following and despite the various quality issues they have from time to time, their followers are loyal to the core of the product. They feel good. A bit “not quite German” but with a passion built into the product.

And it’s that passion that comes across in the way they make you feel. Add to that the confidence it has to go anywhere in the world, with 4 of your best mates, in luxury and comfort and you can see why I fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

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1) Honda Civic Type R

What can I say about Honda’s road rocket that hasn’t already been said in my review and all the others who have also given the Civic Type R their accolade of the best hot hatch, best fast car, best all-around fast family car, phenomenal shopping shuttle, Practical hatchback. You get the gist. It is a great all-rounder.

Speaking of rounder, you will eventually curb one of the black alloys that sit on band thin 20 walled tyres. And you will only want to put good tyres on it. That might detract from its running costs because chances are, if you are not respectful to its performance, you’ll go through those tyres pretty darn quick.

But what a car. It has the performance to match supercars and pop you to the local curry house for take away.

And there we go, that’s my top three. Don’t forget to comment in the box below or e mail me via the site. And above all, happy motoring into the new year of 2019. Let’s see what else is out there.

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