We asked our lovely readers whether they thought it was better to meet potential partners online or in real life situations.

is it better to meet people in real life or on an app
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Here’s what a select few said:

Daniel Taylor

I met my bf on grindr and still together 2 yrs later

James Gerrie

Met mine online, chatted for 3 months then met in real life. 6 months later moved 450 miles from my home to the city to where I am now and that was over 3-years-ago but realise this isn’t for everyone

Just Jezz Greatrix

Never meet strangers

Josh Djentleman Smith

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You mean people actually date off grindr and gaydar? When did this happen?

Rob Hand

Don’t suppose it matters really where you meet, it’s all down to the person you meet and connect with, most on dating apps are after one thing but same could be said for those you meet in real life! All generally down to the type of person they are

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