Author: Lewis Fellows

  • COLUMN | Aaaaamerican Exports

    Columnist Lewis Fellow takes a quick look at his favourite American Television programmes, past and present.

  • INTERVIEW | Gareth Thomas

    INTERVIEW | Gareth Thomas

    Lewis Fellows gets a Quickie with rugby superman Gareth Thomas. They talk about Coming Out, Mickey Rourke and his brand new fitness DVD.   TGUK – Gareth! You’ve been incredibly busy recently! What’s been dominating your schedule lately? GT – Yes it’s been very hectic – first of all I’ve been filming, producing then promoting […]

  • COLUMN: Pride Rage

    So the pope is now on Twitter.

  • INTERVIEW: David Mills

    Just a Quickie With David Mills

  • Top 5 Films About Mental Health

    Despite the sombre tone set by many movies with mental health at their core, they do tend to be the best and most memorable. What makes these movies so chilling is because unlike many other films, these events could in effect actually happen.

  • INTERVIEW | Jo Caulfield

    In the midst of her ‘Better The Devil You Know’ comedy tour, TheGayUK’s Lewis Fellows, caught up with ‘Funniest Woman Of The Year’ – Jo Caulfield for a tickler of an interview to talk about drinking in Travelodge, the undercurrent of homophobia in Stand Up comedy and Joan Rivers.

  • COMMENT: Bigots

    We all know one. You know one. I know one. I don’t like the expression.   You’re either a racist, sexist, ageist or homophobic.   I read an article last week. It quoted the Pope. He said:   “Gay people are not fully developed humans”   No. The Nazis were undeveloped people Benedict. Cough-Cough I […]

  • COLUMN: What Will We Become?

    Lewis Fellows ponders the questions about the labels we give ourselves in the LGBT community in his new column Just A Quickie.

  • GIG REVIEW: Joan Armatrading

    Ah Joan. Last night, I was lucky enough to see Joan Armatrading LIVE in Canterbury.