ten things to have amazing tasting cum

Have you been noticing your partner’s face turning a deep shade of green after you’ve deposited your spooge in his mouth?

ten things to have amazing tasting cum

If you’re getting a yucky response to your jerk sauce then maybe it’s time to take a look at what you’re ingesting – as some of what you’re eating can affect the taste of your cum.

So here’s the 10 things you need to stay clear of.


1) Dairy

Dairy is bad for the taste of sperm

Too many dairy products can make your love milk taste salty, so is best to keep consumption of cheese and milk to a minimum.

2) Being dehydrated

did more water to have better tasting cum

Drinking more water helps wash out pollutants from your body. Most of your climax is actually water, so making sure you’re well-hydrated means that you could have more volume which will dilute the natural taste of your load.

3) Asparagus

stay clear of Asparagus for tastier cum

It makes your pee smell and your man mayo taste awful. So if you’re out on a hot date make sure you stay away from the grilled asparagus.

4) Coffee

coffee makes cum taste bad

It’s a good job to cut down on all pollutants including caffeine. Too much coffee could actually change the taste of your baby batter and make it much more bitter. It’s best to limit your coffee intake to around 4 cups a day.

5) Meat

meat can make cum taste bad

Red meats have to go, I’m sorry, but if you want to keep your boy smiling, then it’s out with meats, like beef, lamb and pork. Swap with good quality, high protein cuts of chicken and turkey.

6) Onions

onions and garlic can make sperm taste terrible

Your two little love-juice making chums do not like onions. Neither do they like garlic because of their high sulphur content! It all makes for a nasty tasting load.

7) No chlorophyll in your diet


High chlorophyll is good for tasty cupid’s toothpaste. You can find chlorophyll in parsley, wheatgrass, and celery. Go for it chow down on those sticks of celery.

8) Alcohol

can alcohol make your cum taste bad

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Alcohol is known to make your jizz taste bitter, it can also play havoc with your sexual performance so keep yourself in tip top shape and cut back on the lagers.

9) Ciggies

smoking affects the taste of sperm

If you’ve ever blown a guy who smokes you’ll know that his man muck is pretty rank.

10) Want super tasting cum?

what fruit makes cum taste good

The following foods are super good for tastier sperm: Pineapples, papayas, cranberries, melons, mangos, apples, grapes and lemons are all good choices. Fruits that are high in natural sugars help offset the bitter taste of your man chowder.


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Changes to your food intake will start to have an effect on your Love Liquor in around 12 to 24 hours, so keep this in mind; it’s best to have a day of clean livin’ for the rampant dirty night after.

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About the author: Jake Hook
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