Day: 22 January 2018

  • Isn’t it time UK law considered gay sex equal to straight sex?

    For those who continue to call same-sex marriage “marriage equality,” you might be interested to know that the UK government doesn’t consider your sexual activity equal. So when same-sex marriage came into law, it didn’t automatically spell marriage equality – it’s one of the reasons why doesn’t use the term. One of those things […]

  • Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm could be a disaster for gay media

    The changes to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm could spell disaster for LGBT+ media. In case you hadn’t heard Facebook is planning to change its newsfeed to make sure the time you spend on its platform is more “meaningful”. Mark Zuckerberg suggested that he wanted users’ time on the site to be “time well spent”. Facebook wants to give […]

  • Does will i am have a wife?

    Is Will I Am Married? With The Voice UK starting up again, the questions surrounding the star’s love life have started to emerge and people are interested to know if will i am is married or not. is extraordinarily private about his love life and has complained that he’s too busy with work to find […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | Woman Before a Glass

    ★★★★☆ | Woman Before a Glass Lanie Robertson’s Lady Day at the Emerson Bar and Grill looked at Billie Holiday’s heroin fogged last days. Here his razor sharp wit is turned towards wealthy art collector Peggy Guggenheim. 1960s Venice and Peggy is pontificating on the terrace of her palazzo with an arm full of designer dresses, […]

  • Are Jedward gay?

    The ever bubbly Jedward have been making headlines since their discovery on X Factor in 2009… But there’s one question thousands of people want to know… apparently. Are the Jedward brothers gay? In 2011 brothers Edward and John insisted that they weren’t gay and they are attracted to women and have dated girls. They hit […]

  • Guys, here’s why you might be finding it hard to get hard

    When a reader confided that he can’t stay hard, we decided to have a look at some of the reasons why your erection might be elusive.

  • Here’s why you should definitely keep your shoes on during a flight

    Maybe you shouldn’t kick ’em off just before take off. You know the drill, you’ve settled in for your flight, you’ve got your thimble of champers (if you’re in business/first) the aircraft has just pushed back from the gate and you kick off your shoes and make yourself a little more comfortable. But one expert suggests […]