7) PC muscles.

Ah, the famous Pubococcygeus muscle…
No, you’re not practising for birthing, but those muscles are responsible for your spurting control. You can find which muscles those are by stopping yourself peeing mid flow.
So next time you’re sitting at the traffic lights, on the train, or at a meeting exercise these blighters by squeezing them in reps of 10 and holding the 10th for 10 seconds and then slowly releasing.
Do this often and you’ll have the control of a mule. (We’re not sure if mules have control, but we liked the idea of putting a donkey analogy in!)

8) Talk to your GP.

The problem with us men is that we don’t want to talk about our bits and pieces, but it’s important to keep your sexual health in check. So talk to your GP about your woes and insecurities. They may just have the answer and give you all the confidence you need.

9) Trust No Pills

Although many websites make the promise to be the king of all men in bed, it’s best not to trust these as there’s no way to know what ingredients are being used and if any will actually pinpoint the problem, it could end up being a huge waste of money.

On the other hand, whilst other narcotics may keep you going longer, you don’t know of the long-term health problems you maybe creating for yourself and also it may lower your inhibitions which may leave you in circumstances in which the real you wouldn’t touch with a barge poll so it’s best to steer well clear.

10) A Quickie Isn’t Always So Bad

Remember cumming more quickly than you think you should might not necessarily be a bad thing.

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Talk to your partner if he’s the one who’s receiving. He might be happy with the length of time you take. Not everyone is a porn star who can take a pounding for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Don’t give yourself a hard time. Practice makes perfect and what man couldn’t do with a little more practice?

If you’re still worried about anything you can call: NHS direct: 0845 4647 or visit www.gmfa.org.uk

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P.s. Top marks for anyone who can tell me where the quote comes from at the beginning of the article…