A year in review.

2020 what a year it’s been. There’s just over a week left of 2020, possibly one of the grimmest years in recent history for the LGBT+ community. Whilst all communities have been hard hit by the pandemic, the LGBT+ community have lost so much, including their identity (the pride flag and the World AIDS Day Red Ribbon were both co-opted by the mainstream media for other COVID projects), their spaces (numerous businesses were shuttered because of the economic fallout) and their pride events (all of mainland UK prides were cancelled) and their ability to meet each other in safe spaces.


Here are the top 10 stories we ran on THEGAYUK.

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It’s fair to say that our readers were somewhat interested in how the world of gay bathhouses would work in a COVID era with at least 3 of the top ten stories answering questions about the industry.

10. Andrew Christian has released a gender-neutral “boy bra”

9. Tyler Oakley sends fans into a meltdown

8. No a gay man did not give birth to baby from his anus

7. Adult star Johnny Rapid says retirement because of COVID-19 was a joke

6. This gay sauna outlines how things might work after lockdown eases

5. Here’s how you can simulate anal sex, when you’re ot ready to bottom

4. When will gay bathhouses and saunas reopen in the UK

3. Daily Express slammed for publishing “Vile” column

2. This new Pride Flag aims to be the most inclusive ever

1. Are there gay saunas open during the COVID-19 lockdown

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